You’s to Blame?

It’s not a typo. One of the advantages of living in Scotland is the grammatical ability to pluralise the word “you” into You’s to address a group of strangers. It’s fun.

And that magical ability was put to good effect this week when, upon reaching the front of a queue to pay for coffee and petrol, I was treated to a perfect show of modern customer service in action as the cashier addressed the (sizable) store with the following command:

“You’s should queue the other way! Will you’s all move to the other side please!”

Now, to be fair, she did say please.

But she was asking around 8 people to move from one side of the store, to the other and (in some cases) lose their original place in the queue in the scramble.

The command implied that “You’s” had queued incorrectly (there are no signs) and being hollered at is not the most pleasant experience in a store, never mind the first world stresses of having to re-assemble a queue at the other side.

The problem, however, was not with the “You’s” – it is simply with the design of the store.

Whoever put all the shelves in, must have been looking at maximising shelf space and forgot about using the little lego people to suss out where the humans would go.

My husband is also a regular in that store. Apparently there are similarly silly “You’s” in shopping when he’s there too.

Fix the store. Don’t blame the customer.