Tayside employers worried about the impact this week’s forecasted ‘thundersnow’ storms may have on their business are urged to check out an online guide published by solicitors firm Miller Hendry.

Responding to an increase in enquiries about how small businesses should prepare for the winter season, employment law expert Alan Matthew has written the informative guidance document.

His advice is particularly relevant as the media is predicting travel chaos this week in the wake of a Yellow Weather Warning issued by the Met Office for wind, snow and thunderstorms across the region.

Mr Matthew believes it is vital that both employees and employers know their rights, and put relevant plans in place to minimise disruption to all parties.

Commenting on what has now become an inevitable annual challenge for many businesses, Alan said:

“This week’s Yellow Weather Warning has thrown into sharp focus what is potentially a significant problem for many businesses in the Tayside area. In the past we’ve had whole areas cut off from transport and power for several days, and many businesses have found themselves struggling to operate on a skeleton staff, while many employees have battled the weather conditions in an attempt to travel to work, simply adding to the chaos caused by the weather.

“There are numerous ways to pre-empt plans for when bad weather strikes, and businesses shouldn’t just rely on ‘common sense’ to kick in because it can be a costly for them if their staff are unable to get to work, or are required to stay at home because local schools have been closed – a decision outwith their control.

“I’d urge anyone who has concerns about how their business will operate in such conditions to pop onto our website and take a look at our briefing which clearly outlines the legal position for managing these situations and suggests options that employers should be considering now, before the first sprinkle of snow is upon us.”

For more information on winter weather guidance for employers, please visit