Media Training

We digest media in one shape or form every day, sometimes every hour. Content, whether it’s print, online or broadcast is at our fingertips and there’s more of it than ever before. It’s powerful and it’s instant…

More and more often, businesses and professionals have jobs which require them to come into regular contact with the media.  Never has there been a better time for businesses to be prepared to learn how to deal with whatever the press can throw a them.

At Volpa, we have assembled a truly unique and very experienced team to deliver our ‘Cunningly Good’ media training whose combined 85 years’ experience working with print and broadcast media meld together to create genuine insight and practical techniques to enable your business to handle the media.

Tough questions? We’ve got it covered – YOU will be handling them during our filmed mock interviews. See first hand how you handle the media in ‘real life’ interview scenarios and receive feedback and tips on how you can develop your media skills.

By the end of the course, you will feel confident in the knowledge that, when the media come calling, you will know what to do and how to remain calm and in control.

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