BlueSky in a Box adds new dimension to Air Space business

Air Space, a freestyle indoor trampoline playground, has partnered with experiential learning and corporate team building provider, BlueSky Experiences to enhance their corporate offering. Air Space will present BlueSky in a Box with BlueSky Experiences at a Corporate Open Day at their East Kilbride venue on June 9th with a breakfast and lunchtime session.

Showcasing over 100 interconnected trampolines, Air Space has introduced BlueSky in a Box, a self-contained Box offering a range of diverse and challenging team building activities, to add value and attract more businesses to use their facilities with a balance between team building and all-out fun.

Designed to bring a new dimension to conferences, team meetings and training programmes whilst being flexible and affordable for businesses, BlueSky in a Box was launched by popular demand after requests from BlueSky’s clients to create something they could use themselves for training. In Air Space’s case, the Box has enabled them to diversify their offering and develop their corporate services.

James England, Managing Director of BlueSky Experiences, explained:

“BlueSky in a Box is an ideal fit for Air Space because, when they have a corporate booking with 100 people and there are a few who perhaps don’t want to participate in the trampoline activities, they will be in a position to offer a relevant and inclusive additional dimension to the day.

“A typical corporate away day at Air Space could consist of a morning of meetings, team building experiences with BlueSky in a Box in one of Air Space’s multi-functional meeting rooms at their East Kilbride facility, lunch, then a series of fun trampoline activities in the afternoon.”

Air Space was founded by Go Ape, one of the UK’s top outdoor activity adventures, as a complimentary business that can be enjoyed all year round. Will Galbraith, Managing Director of Air Space, commented:

“In recent years, the trampoline experience market has exploded in the US and Australia and, with our expertise in the leisure market through Go Ape, we felt Air Space was the right fit.

“We haven’t really run corporate days at Air Space in the past, so BlueSky Experiences has and enabled us to develop a corporate hook to our offering through BlueSky in a Box. Their expertise and time spent training our team will help us to offer outstanding corporate events for businesses with a balance between team building and fun. BlueSky Experiences has created a well thought out, professionally presented product which is a neat solution for businesses. With many, many uses, it is what the market has been waiting for.”

Since launching in late 2014, Air Space has introduced a range of activities that can be enjoyed by everyone, from aged 5-85. All on super-sprung pitches in an urban playground, Air Space has a wall-to-wall interconnected area where people can bounce around, freestyling from mat to mat. There’s also a fitness area for classes, a basketball court where people can slam dunk up to 20 feet in the air. There’s also a giant football goal where the keeper can make enormous gravity defying saves mid-air. Air Space is an alternative venue for many local professional gymnasts, as Air Space’s dedicated Performance Area offers a very different, uniquely springy trampoline experience.

BlueSky Experiences is an industry leader in experiential learning and corporate team building, formed in 2001 by James and Suzie England. Headquartered at its own purpose-built conference centre in Methven, Perthshire, it works with clients throughout the UK. Its purpose is to inspire, build, develop and reward individuals and teams with an innovative mix of dynamic and thought-provoking programmes.

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BlueSky Experiences launch BlueSky in a Box

Experiential learning and corporate team building provider, BlueSky Experiences is proving that good things can come in small packages with its innovative new training product, BlueSky in a Box.

Designed to bring a new dimension to conferences, team meetings and training programmes whilst being flexible and affordable for businesses, the Box was launched by popular demand after requests from BlueSky’s clients.

Each BlueSky in a Box is completely run by participating delegates, with 18 diverse and challenging team building activities to energize and act as ice-breakers.

There are many Box benefits from activities designed to help delegates extend their attention span and create emotions to help stimulate learning, to tasks that encourage networking, teamwork and ownership of tasks, all empowering people along the way.

Each activity can be used by five to 10 people, which means that each Box can cater for 100 people in total. Also, the design of the Box means that neither the exercises or the Box have to stay in one room and can become a resource to use as little or as often as they wish.

Perthshire-based BlueSky Experiences developed the product after receiving client requests for value-added activities that could take place over a short period of time. James England, Managing Director of BlueSky Experiences, said:

“With BlueSky in a Box we like to think we’re parceling up our team building wisdom for the benefit of people who can’t always come to us. We’ve listened to our clients closely and designed something that’s as flexible as it is effective. Whether it is used as an ice-breaker to help delegates get to know each other, a team building exercise to encourage colleagues to problem solve together, or to give groups an energy boost after lunch, BlueSky in a Box’s appeal is diverse and wide-reaching.”

James continued:

“There are so many ways the Box can benefit businesses, but above all else, BlueSky in a Box unpacks some serious fun which is a fantastic way to motivate and inspire people to make changes and flourish at work.”

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