Hot Design Trends for 2017

It’s a fact that designers and marketers are always looking for new ways to engage current clients and new customers. In 2017, I believe there will be a step-change for designers across the board.

With rapid changes in technology, the way we create and define our messages mean that the design landscape is now bigger than we can imagine. Everyone is now far more comfortable with new technology and now expect more. This year will bring many design-led trends to the fore to influence and make all of us interact even more, here are perhaps some examples of what will be big in 2017.

Motion Picture Graphics / Cinemagraphs – Bring still images and illustrations to life with subtle motion. This design trend grabs the attention of a user with just a flicker of movement but doesn’t distract them from the main content.

Minimalism – This isn’t a new creative field for design however, minimalism always creates a visual where the user gets the message quickly but with an effective, striking and sometimes humorous image or design. This is a case of what comes around, comes around again.

Micro Animations / Illustrated (Hand Drawn) Images – Clever designers can put the ‘fun’ into ‘functional’ too. This kind of animations and logo/icon transitions will engage and inform at the same time.

Bold Photography and Sleek Typography – Bold pictures with bold colours could be the trend this year. Let’s all agree that it’s a given, typography is just as important and arguably more important than any other design and many other creative mediums. It’s a stand-alone or complimentary creative form and when used well, it’s all you might need, but when it’s bad, it’s almost pointless.

There are free fonts available everywhere so this could be an opportunity for designers to express themselves more but I also see more of a do-it-yourself (get the scissors out kind of experiment), see the new Fanta Brand and sub-brands. This example creates a brand that is full of personality and yes… fun! Surely, that’s what we as designers are all striving to do!

Trends will come and go (just like the penchant for beards), and every design job is different, but fundamentals like innovation and learning remain. We all now realise that change is happening so quickly today for everyone but you must trust your own ideas and whatever you do, please, please, please don’t follow trends for trends sake. Know that what you’re doing is right for your client and design to brief, but like every good film or book (add a twist).

Keep on creating!

Gordon Low, Head of Creative