Student Blog- The last day

The last day in the office was nostalgic for me as I have enjoyed every day I spent at Volpa, with the different projects I was welcomed to take part in, various in-office tasks, and all the meetings and training sessions which have taught me so much. I have had the opportunity to apply the knowledge I have gained during my university course in a practical, real-world situation where my actions mattered and my suggestions were taken into account. It has been an amazing experience and when today came about I did not want it to end.

We had the regular Publicity Department Meeting today to review the progress of ongoing projects and improve on them by taking in suggestions from all team members – even if they are not the ones managing or working on that particular project. The main topics for discussion were product launches for both Aurora Spirit and Inveralmond Brewery as they are due in the next couple of weeks and they also overlap with the Easter holidays. This meant that a well-defined plan for both events (and confirmation from the team members of who can attend which event) was set in place in order to ensure the undoubtful success of the launches.

After lunch we had a Team Meeting as well where Tricia went through the new updates for the business and all the coming changes and important projects with which all of the team must become familiarised. I was fortunate to have my placement at such a time as I was privy to the old systems and organisation of the business and then I had the chance to see the improvements and changes made on them in order to optimise processes, minimise waste, and increase turnover – all the while maintaining the amazing Volpa business culture which makes work an enjoyable part of one’s day where you want to come back time and time again.

I continued working on the list of existing retailers for The Famous Grouse Experience to compile a database of their contact information. This has been a very time-consuming task but it was very rewarding as I felt entrusted with a high level of trust and responsibility which made me feel appreciated by the team. The team were extremely lovely and presented me with a good luck card as it was my last day and with a couple of gift cards to continue growing my book collection and to enjoy a little film treat.

Thank you everyone for the amazing experience which you have offered me and for making me feel welcome and a part of the Volpa family!

Student Blog- Organising a photo shoot

It was a shorter than usual day in the office, as I had to leave at 2 pm in order to arrive in time to a meeting taking place at the University, but nonetheless very interesting and engaging. I spent the better part of the day researching on the internet in order to compare the offer Kingsway Apartments advertises with its competitors in the Dundee area. It made me feel very engaged in the project and it made me more confident in my own abilities as the research I had done was not only take into consideration but used as a point of reference for what should be advertised on the website and what would make the offer more appealing, well-rounded, and competitive.

The owner of Kingsway Apartments – the former Alloway Halls – decided that he wants to re-open the halls he purchased from Abertay University to students at an affordable price whilst ensuring it offers a high quality of living; and he decide to bring his business to Volpa and ask the specialist team here help with everything from website design to organising promotional photoshoots. Now, while on the topic of photoshoots, the day after my placement we actually organised one in order to be able to show real images from the new private halls. I enjoyed the experience as I felt Fraser put a lot of his trust in me by involving me in the process and relying on me to find 6 students to take part in the photoshoot – which, granted, was not such a hard task once I was given the green light to offer pizza as method of repaying them for helping; although I did have changes to the students coming twice fold due to unforeseen circumstances which I am rather grateful­­­  for as it put me in the situation of having to resolve a mini-crisis in a mature and timely manner.

Five of us had previously lived at Alloway in first year so going back was a trip down memory lane – but a rather more modern, comfortable, and affordable lane than the one we remembered. We had a great time as it did not even feel like a true photoshoot when all eyes are on you and you feel so dwarfed by the camera lens and the blinding light but rather like a nice gathering of friends, chatting and having pizza together (which happened rather often at Alloway so it was oddly suitable). All in all, it was good fun and also a very instructive experience for me!

Before leaving for my meeting in Dundee. Fraser showed me how they upload my blogs to the website and I had the chance to see a face of it not visible to regular users. The platform they use is very user friendly while at the same time all-encompassing when it comes to all the features and details which can be added to/on the website. I think it is safe to say I would be rather good at uploading blogs – now all I have left to do is find the company which advertises the ‘high-paying’ job of Blog Uploader (but without asking for the content of said blog to be made by the uploader) and I am sorted.

In the last half an hour of my time in the office I had the pleasure of sitting in on another presentation telling the story of how each of the Volpa employees grew from little children with big dreams to adults who are now working for Volpa with a truckload of memorable moments (some downright amusing, some serious, some moving) and great expertise. The story I got to hear was that of Alison Lowson, PR Executive at Volpa, and it kept us laughing throughout with all these wild and unforgettable stories of a woman who lived a full and fulfilling life while pursuing the career she wanted before deciding to try something new.


Student Blog- “My first day in the real world”

Today I started working for Volpa as part of the placement programme offered by my course and it was my first proper experience in the world of work associated with my degree. It was an amazing experience, so very different from my part-time job of convenience which just helps me say I am self-sufficient.

The day started off with a presentation on the story of Volpa and a short bios done by half of the team – the first part of a ‘meet and greet’ between co-workers after a wave of new employees which expanded the team significantly. It was different, it was refreshing, and it gave you a sense of belonging. The atmosphere at work, how open and friendly everyone is gives a sense of belonging to a lovely extend family and it made me think of my visit at Google headquarters – where an inclusive, open, and friendly atmosphere was ever-present.

I went into the placement programme without a preference for one or other area of business for the simple fact that liking and understanding the theory of a specific area is not indicative of how fulfilling or engaging working in that area is; especially when the company you work for and its culture, value, and environment are all very important factors in determining whether one loves their job or hates it. Now, I can confidently say that, so far, my experience at Volpa has made me very interested in the area of marketing and in their approach to delivering all-encompassing services.

After lunch I had the chance to look over some of the currently ongoing projects and familiarise myself with the template of proposals for future projects. I find the integrated approach Volpa has to delivering the end service very well suited to its corporate culture and it helps deliver a much more well-rounded and complete service at very high standards; also, I think it helps nurture the sense of community as everybody interacts with everybody else and ensures that nobody feels like they are alone or that they might not have anyone to turn to, even if it is just for a pep-talk.

My mentor, Fraser, encouraged me to choose a project on which I would like to work and follow it along throughout the duration of my placement (he said I’ll be working on several short-term ones as well but taking into account that I am there only once a week some projects might be finished by the time I am in next so a long-term one gives a certain continuation and allows me to follow the development of it in-depth). I chose working on the marketing campaign for the St Andrews Aquarium which is bound to be very interesting and challenging but in a fulfilling way.

Now, all that is left to do is hope that my proposed advertising campaign (to Fraser’s specifications) will make sense and be feasible – fingers crossed till next time!