When The Famous Grouse Experience’s distillery cat went missing from his Perthshire home, his feline friend Glen and distillery colleagues feared the worst!

Mouser-in-chief Turret is quite a celebrity at Glenturret Distillery at The Famous Grouse Experience in Crieff. The popular puss has an important role welcoming 80,000 visitors every year and supervising operations as he patrols the award-winning visitor attraction.

With the freedom to roam Glenturret Distillery’s grounds to put his natural instincts to explore to the test.

Turret follows in the proverbial paw-steps of Towser who still holds the Guinness World Record for best mouser, catching 28,899 mice in her 24 years at the distillery and whose statue and World Record Certificate is proudly displayed on the distillery wall.

But when he failed to turn up for work one morning earlier this month, frantic staff launched a search party.

Despite combing the immediate area – from the grain stores to the popular Wilde Thyme restaurant – there was no sign of the mischievous moggy.

Things looked bleak … until a social media post from a member of staff at the nearby Crieff Hydro on a local Friendship page popped up.

It seemed like Glenturret’s fabulous feline fancied a holiday and decided to check out the accommodation next door.

And, while he waited for his lift back to Glenturret, delighted Hydro staff treated the fussy feline to a marvellous mini break, sampling the upmarket facilities which make the Hydro one of the UK’s favourite hotel destinations.

Now Turret has become an internet sensation after his antics have been captured in a light-hearted video which has now been viewed by thousands.

Check out his adventures here: